Woman Buys $4K Ad To Protest SmartMeters

A woman purchased a $4,000 ad in an effort to get SmartMeters banned.

Link to article and video

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One Response to Woman Buys $4K Ad To Protest SmartMeters

  1. paul luster says:

    v.e.c. put one on my home , i made a meter shield to block the radiation an the meter man at v.e.c. here in bradley county tore it off the side of my home an stold it an i went down to the electric company an got it back an i called bradley county sherriffs dep about it an they did nothing they took up for the electric company an they stold something an tor something off my home that belonged to me it wasnt even on the meter or blocking the signal so i had the meter removed an when v.e.c came to get the smart meter an unhook my power they had the bradley county sherriffs dept with them i told them if i cant get the old analog meter put back on then get your meter off my home so its off my home an i put a steel gate up so they have no reason to get on my property now i have my own source of power now useing my generator an going solar i wrote the gov bill haslam but nothing so hope the people vote him out of office, this is wire tapping this is aginst the law an when the sherriff runs for re election we will vote him out to

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