Cleveland Utilities says “BAH HUMBUG” to its Customers

Customers of Cleveland Utilities, will receive a very large lump of coal in their stockings this year. It will be the gift of a wireless smart meter. This gift giving will continue in the New Year to every home and business that uses electricity. 29.000 smart meters pulsing and pinging radiation to repeaters, collectors, and all through your neighborhood. Cleveland Utilities (Cleveland TN) is telling customers that they cannot refuse their nasty big brother wireless spying smart meter gift that will force radiation inside their homes and businesses, threaten privacy and security, all because they want to save money to go wireless and to shed some meter readers. Nice of them, isn’t it?

Cleveland Utilities says that they will not consider opt outs or wired alternatives at this time. We all know how that can change with enough customer backlash, lawsuits, and state legislation.

We know that what seems so today may be very different tomorrow, and so the customers of Cleveland Utilities must not back down in their determination to refuse wireless smart meters. These radio frequency meters are currently causing utility office shut downs, hearings before utility commissions, opt out legislation by CA Assemblyman Jared Huffman, public protests by mothers and other concerned citizens of the California PG&E utility. In Texas, Maine, and other states, citizens are speaking out against the big brother smart meters. Utilities rely on uninformed customers in their smart meter deployment efforts.

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